Document Translation Services

Our translators are fluent in all of the languages in which they aim to provide services, including English. All translation projects follow a three-step process, which is outlined below.

Submission of Documents

Before translation begins, our translation management team, which comprises professional linguists, reviews the document(s) to be translated.

Clients who need certified legal/court translations or medical translations are sent to a translator with official certification qualifications. Translators appointed by the court determine their own charges, which are frequently greater than those of a trained translator. Only certified translations are provided upon request. These translators have specialised in concept understanding of legal or medical terms, procedures, case law, mediation terms, court hearing dialogue, processes, diagnosis, medical, and other applicable legal or medical terminology.

The job is completed by a qualified translator if a certified translation is not required. Qualified translators have received professional training, education, and certification in their field of expertise.


A project manager meets with the customer to discuss the project's timeline, scope, and any preliminary concerns. The document(s) is then forwarded to the translator (assigned by the project manager) to finish in his or her normal working environment. During the translation process, the translator methodically converts the content from the source language to the target language, paying special attention to:

Throughout the translation process, a project manager communicates with the customer on the status of the project and answers any questions or clarifications the translator may have.

Editing and proofreading

Proofreading and modifying the translated document is the final step. An equally qualified translator checks the content for correctness, context, syntax, grammar, and punctuation at this step. Before the document(s) are finalised and given to the client for approval, formatting and final graphic or layout changes are made.

Additional IU Instructions

For every translation, each translator we hire follows the following company and industry criteria.

  • Understand that a translator's job is to make communication between persons who speak different languages easier to understand.
  • Are you a good translator? Do you have a good vocabulary?
  • Follow the translation policy to the letter Are neutral, objective, and unbiased
  • Never add fresh text or leave anything out.
  • Translate every word, even if it has nothing to do with the main topic. Never express an opinion, even if you are asked directly.