Study in Canada Consultants in Noida, Delhi

A country with favourable by students across the globe especially for Indians. It is full of top rated universities with affordable tuition fees. Other than this, Canada also offers exclusive job opportunities to candidates flying to the country. Based on previous surveys, 4,50,000 new international students flew to the country in the year 2021. GEV consultants bring a large list of unities to Study in Canada Consultants in Noida.

Now comes a question that why to choose Canada for academics. There are uncountable reasons for choosing Canada for higher education and settling down as a citizen.

Study in Canada Consultants in Noida

1. Lesser spending and better living

Canada is believed to provide budget friendly living to international students turning it to be an affordable choice in comparison to other countries. The living cost for a student lies between 700 - 2000 Canadian Dollars.

2.High quality education

Canadian universities are found to have extraordinary reputation in terms of service delivery and ranking across the globe. In fact, a degree attained in Canada is considered of utmost relevance. Moreover, almost 30% of top rated universities belong from Canada.

GEV takes you to every competent door placing you with an option to select among the best for study in Canada.

3. Unlimited scope for research

It is a very good news for research scholars to be getting enrolled in Canada. Canada gives an upper edge to research and development and the Canadian government also shatters greater importance to such a work.

GEV is constantly associated with researchers and content developers. We are always ready to assist you with such research work using our experienced collaborations

4.Immigration benefits

This is a form of benefit where Study in Canada Consultants in Noida also becomes an opportunity for students to earn their living and save their guardians money for their regular expenses. The students tend to qualify an additional work permit known as Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWP) which is valid for 18 months.

5.Vibrant Campus

Almost every possible campus in Canada conducts various programs, fests, events and other activities which shall be pretty entertaining for students in Canada. Also, such activities and events bring a sense of joy to the students moving out of their homes.

In order to Study in Canada Consultants in Noida, it is also important to know the best suitable courses available in Canada.

GEV provides you with a long list of courses available for Study in Canada.

a) Business Management

b) Computer Science & IT

c) Media & Journalism

d) Medicine & Healthcare

e) Mathematics & Analytics

f) Artificial Intelligence

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